Need to get to the real root cause?

A quick resolution requires root cause analysis from business impact and symptom to bits and bites.

Do you have the same data in multiple places out of sync?

Mastering your data is crucial for achieving your goals.

Need to bridge some gaps?

Manage process and technology.

Need to improve your inventory?

You must have a single source of truth.

A lot of data but missing insight?

Get information out of data.

Departments pointing at each other?

Separate concerns and find a common goal.

Lost control over your suppliers?

A good supplier requires a clear customer demand.

A lot of collegues asking why?

Answer the 'why' so that is feels great to work on.

IT slowing you down?

It should help you achieve your goals.

The Firm bridge
      between business & IT

We believe that technology should support your business to achieve its goals. If it could do better, then you require change. Real change will be achieved when it feels good (emotion), is easy to explain (ratio) and has a clear path (no bears on the road).

It will feel good to if there is a clear dot on the horizon and everybody understands ‘why’ we want to go there.
It will be easy to explain it if the ‘what’ is cristal clear with its benefits traceable for all colleagues in any role.
It will show a clear path to anybody if they know ‘how’ to get there with strong support to remove expected obstacles.

Read why T.FIRM exist, how it work and what stamp to put on it?

Driving your program

Program Manager, Project manager, Program CTO

Connecting your dots

Business Analyst

Painting your pictures

Business solution manager, Architect, Designer

Solving your crisis

Problem/ Incident manager, Solution manager, Root-cause analyst

Bridging your islands

CTO, Program manager, Solution manager, Architect, Designer.

Clarifying your requirements

Requirements manager, RFP manager.