Bridge between business & IT?

Why does T.FIRM exist?

We understand that if you want to get something done, then you must consider three factors for individual stakeholders; it must feel good, be easy to explain and have a clear path.

We notice that many companies deal with gaps between business and IT because these factors are not covered on both ‘sides’, and that there are not many people who can speak both ‘languages’ to bridge this - that is why we exist.

How do we work?

If you contract T.FIRM you will get a Firm bridge between business & IT;

It feels good because all individuals understand why they want to go to that dot on the horizon. It is easy to explain because all indivuduals see what they will own in their own familiar context. It has a clear path because all individuals know how to get there from their own point of view with strong support to remove bears.

Put a stamp on it?

We are there to solve a problem, achieve change or simply get a requirement delivered for your business. You could stamp us as:

Change Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, Solution Manager, Test Manager, Crisis Manager, Root Cause Analyst, Business Analyst, or Solution Architect.